Managing Your School Website & All School Communication From a Single Place

School Life Content Management System

Your School Website And School Communications Made Simple

School Life is developed from the ground up to be used on a daily basis by all types of users, from teachers, parents & guardians, and students alike.

Whether you're an IT professional or complete novice, School Life provides a straight forward, clean and friendly experience when managing your Schools website & online presence.

School Life has a simple and intuitive interface which allows the user to navigate, update and create content without requiring any past experience or knowledge about websites, code or control panels. Throughout the School Life CMS there are help sections to guide you through, as well as our detailed School Life Help and Support section.

We're more than happy to arrange to come out and provide training face to face if that suits you more.

Simple & Friendly User Interface.

From the School Life control panel, you are able to manage:

  • Your School Website
  • Mobile Application Content
  • Manage Users: Parents & Guardians, Teachers, and Students
  • Classes, Groups & School Clubs
  • Send Emails to Select Groups
  • Newsletters and News Articles
  • Manage Homework
  • School Calendars & Timetables
  • Organise Parent Evenings
  • Send Direct Push Notifications - No more SMS!
  • and so much more ...

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