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Interactive Student Diaries

An interactive student diary for parents is a digital tool designed to foster effective communication between parents, teachers, and schools. Here’s a concise overview:

  • Real-Time Updates: Parents can access their child’s academic information in real time. The diary provides details about class schedules, upcoming assignments, test dates, and school events. This transparency helps parents stay informed and actively participate in their child’s education.
  • Parents can directly message teachers through the diary. Whether it’s clarifying doubts, discussing progress, or addressing specific needs, this feature facilitates open lines of communication. Teachers can also share updates on classroom activities.
  • The diary sends app notifications to parents when new entries have been added.
  • The system ensures data privacy and security. Parents log in with unique credentials to the app or school website, safeguarding sensitive information about their child.

House Points System

The house points system is a digital tool that schools can use to manage and track student achievements within different houses or teams with the following processes:

  • Simple house creation and customisation.
  • Simple points allocation.
  • Real-time tracking and display.
  • ability to run student or house specific searches within the School Life platform.
  • Encourages motivation and engagement.
  • Option to message parents directly of awarded points and reason for the award.

The School Life house points system offers numerous benefits. It encourages healthy competition, promotes teamwork and collaboration, fosters a positive school culture, and facilitates mentoring and peer support. By implementing such a system, schools can create an environment that nurtures academic excellence, character development, and student engagement.

Interactive Homework

We are pleased to launch our interactive homework solution. During these testing times we wanted to enhance our platform further, so our children can have the best possible facilities for their education.

We are helping schools prepare for any eventuality, be that back in school or at home.

Get in touch now for a demonstration and see how homework can now be completed online by the students, by telephone on 0121 461 9140 .

Teaching Resources

We have created a new facility for teachers to be able to share lesson plans and other resources - such as documents, images and audio files.

Information added here is shared between ALL schools that use the School Life platform and allows members to leave comments, such as suggestions or corrections.

We hope you find this feature a useful collaboration tool in these difficult times.

Guardian Reach

This is one of our new features, this adds a more advanced layer to our current messaging and email system, pulling in the name of the child and parent/carer so if there is more than one child in the school the family will instantly know who it is referring to.

Surveys and Forms

if you require feedback from parents/carers then send out an electronic survey and save time on collating the responses the system will do it all for you.

Those all-important permission forms can be created and distributed here, again saving your time and the money. They are very easy to create and send out.

Why was School Life developed?

Having been asked to build a one-off system for one particular primary school in England, the development team behind the project quickly recognised that on average a typical UK school will have to use at least 4 different and completely separate methods in order to deliver various necessary communications (whether via SMS, Whats App, printed paper, email or 3rd party apps for different tasks such as homework apps, parents evening apps, etc).

Compounding the misery for the schools is the fact that each of these separate and unconnected systems will have their own individual costs which in addition can add up to many thousands of pounds each year for the school to find from their already tightly stretched budgets – money which could be better spent on additional valuable resources.

Instead of all this unnecessary resource and cost wastage School Life has been built specifically to provide a simple one stop solution that caters for many forms of communication, yet at a fraction of schools’ current costs. School Life is unique in the UK with no other fully encompassing products available to schools anywhere.

How is School Life being rated by schools?

Each school has been fully surveyed after their first 3 months of usage. The School Life platform has received an across the board 10/10 from 100% of the initial 35 schools.

This compares to an average of 3/10 for the school’s previous communication facilities, as rated by the same 35 schools.

An Ofsted inspector recently commented when seeing School Life at one of the participating schools that the School Life system was;

“over and above requirements and extremely impressive”.

Parents & Guardians

What can School Life offer Parents & Guardians?

Search for a school in your area

View Ofsted reports

Keep track of your childs homework

Check for school events on the calendar

No more ‘lost’ newsletters or forms

Access to available documents & policies

Information about school clubs & teams

View photo galleries

Instant notifications from your child’s school

Additional features are being planned & added

Schools & Teachers

What can School Life offer Schools & Teachers?

Mobile application & website

Easy drag & drop administration

Targeted messaging system

Event calendar

Newsletter creation and distribution

Email message creation and distribution

Gallery management

Documents & Policy sections

Homework section

Additional features are being planned & added